Housing Stabilization Services is a new Medicaid benefit in Minnesota that has the potential to make a big impact on homelessness. These services are designed to help people with disabilities and seniors find and maintain stable housing. When affordable housing alone is not enough, services like those provided through Housing Stabilization Services can make the difference between just a place to live and long-term stability and health.

Housing Stabilization Services means more resources to effectively address homelessness and increase integration opportunities for people with disabilities in Minnesota.  By providing a consistent source of service funding to address barriers to stable housing, these services are poised to increase supportive housing capacity and quality throughout the state.

While the potential for positive impact is significant, these new services will mean a change in the way the homeless and housing systems currently operate. These services will change how and when people access housing-related resources and support, and for individual providers, these services may require a new approach to service provision and administration. The Housing Stabilization Services Technical Assistance Team is committed to providing hands-on technical assistance and support to smooth these transitions.

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Specific policy questions about the new benefit should be directed to the Housing Division at the Department of Human Services at dhshousingstabilization@state.mn.us.

Questions? Email the HSSTA Team at Hss-TATeam@mesh-mn.org