Housing Stabilization Services Learning Sessions

Each session will include:

  • Helpful tips and tools provided by the TA team
  • Open Q&A on topic
  • Opportunities for sharing experiences across agencies

Housing Stabilization Services Learning Session #1: Provider Enrollment and Compliance (Access recording HERE)

  • Tips for a successful provider enrollment process
  • Meeting federal Medicaid compliance
  • Developing agency policies and procedures

Housing Stabilization Services Learning Session #2: Client Eligibility & Enrollment (Access recording HERE)

  • Determining your target population
  • Setting up a process for identifying potentially eligible clients
  • Gathering and submitting eligibility documentation

Housing Stabilization Services Learning Session #3: Building Health Care Partnerships (Access Recording HERE)

  • Contracting/enrolling with MCO’s
  • Billing MCO’s
  • Partnering with other health care initiatives

Housing Stabilization Services Learning Session #4: Service Provision (Access Recording HERE)

  • Developing service plans and budgeting
  • Integrating Housing Stabilization Services into your program
  • Documentation requirements

Housing Stabilization Services Learning Session #5: Staffing & Services (Access Recording HERE  please note: the opening slide will say #4, but this is actually #5)

Housing Stabilization Services Learning Session #6: Building Health Care Partnerships (Part 2 Collaborations) (Access Recording HERE)

Housing Stabilization Services TA Learning Sessions

Each session will include:

  • Helpful tips and tools provided by the TA team
  • Open Q&A on topic
  • Opportunities for sharing experiences across agencies

Staffing for Housing Stabilization Services Hiring and training staff. Best practices for service provision. Supporting staff and addressing burnout.


Provider agencies including affordable and supportive housing providers are considering or in process of billing for their supportive services via Minnesota’s new Housing Stabilization Services  benefit.  Many of these community stakeholders however are unfamiliar with the Medicaid system and not sure how to understand what this new benefit means for their agency. This free, two part online, Medicaid 101 training will be Minnesota specific and help you and your agency understand the big picture and some important details about this state and federal program.  The training will cover how the program’s administrative structure, regulations and delivery system models can influence your agency’s decisions and process.  The two part training will be recorded and you or your team can review at any time.  If you have additional questions, please contact our HSS TA team at HSS-TATEAM@mesh-mn.org

Click HERE for our October 19 Medicaid 101 part 1 Training.

Click HERE for our October 26 Medicaid 101 part 2 Training.

MN Housing Stabilization Services Medicaid Academy

What is a Medicaid Academy?  Supportive Housing is now recognized as a part of the healthcare landscape by federal and state authorities. The state of Minnesota has created the Housing Stabilization Services (HSS) benefit to assist low income Minnesotans to attain and maintain stable housing.  For providers of Housing Support, beginning in July of 2021, their services allocation will decrease 50% because the state has an expectation that providers will transition to the Housing Stabilization Services Benefit. For supportive housing providers, HSS will offer a sustainable funding stream for their activities. In the future, these services will bring increased opportunities for services funding, service expansion and capacity building. This entry into the health sector also brings new requirements around eligibility and referral processes, agency billing, documentation, quality monitoring, compliance, credentialing, and organizational policies and procedures that meet healthcare quality standards of care.

The CSH Medicaid Academy is designed to help human services and supportive housing providers, community based organizations, community health centers, and community mental health clinics learn the requirements for providing Medicaid-billable HSS and develop organization-specific plans for becoming Medicaid billers. The MN HSS Medicaid Academy will consist of four virtual meetings and four web-based educational clinics followed by individual technical assistance. The state aims to train and support provider agencies through the Medicaid Academy clinic and webinars. Select agencies that wish to pursue Medicaid billing following the Academy may receive additional individualized technical assistance, to implement their work plans.

Housing Stabilization Services Learning Sessions RESCHEDULED

The January Housing Stabilization Services Learning Sessions are being rescheduled.

January 14: Staffing for Housing Stabilization Services RESCHEDULED-DATE TBD

  • Hiring and training staff
  • Best practices for service provision
  • Supporting staff and addressing burnout

NEWLY ADDED: Healthcare Partnerships, part 2

  • Working with local healthcare organizations
  • Strategies for assisting clients with getting assessments

New dates for sessions will be sent out soon! In the meantime, check out any past sessions you may have missed and other helpful resources here. You can email the Housing Stabilization Services TA team with questions any time at hss-tateam@mesh-mn.org.

This learning session is right for you if:

  • Your agency has already enrolled in, is in the process of enrolling or plans to enroll soon to become a Housing Stabilization Services provider
  • Are in the beginning stages of setting up your Housing Stabilization Services program
  • Are generally familiar with Medicaid services and Housing Stabilization Services rules and requirements


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Questions? Email the HSSTA Team at hss-tateam@mesh-mn.org