MN’s new Housing Stabilization Services (HSS) offer the possibility to be a key component of your community’s work to end homelessness and better support people with disabilities to live lives fully integrated into their communities.  MN, like every other state in the nation needs a significant increase in supportive housing capacity and supportive housing quality to achieve these goals.  Too often services in Supportive Housing are underfunded and therefore less than effective at serving those most in need in our communities. HSS offers the opportunity to change that fact. But the administrative changes that agencies need to undertake to effectively implement HSS are significant. The HHS TA team is here to assist your agencies in this process.  The team is offering hands on tools and technical assistance for agencies, as well as virtual trainings and events to assist your agency. These efforts are at no cost to your agency, thanks to philanthropic support. We also appreciate suggestions about what support is most helpful to your agencies.

Our goal is to support agencies and communities in implementing the new Housing Stabilization Services so that people experiencing homelessness get the help they need to achieve housing stability.


  • We believe ending homelessness is possible and that when people do lose their housing, an effective system will ensure that their homelessness is brief and one-time
  • We believe the structural racism is a primary cause of homelessness and that strategic steps must be identified and taken to address the inequities of our homeless response system
  • We believe that each person experiencing homelessness is unique, valued, and important and, as such, deserves respect and dignity and responses that are tailored to their individual needs
  • We believe that the homeless response system works better when those who are experiencing homelessness are helping to lead its design
  • We believe that most people who experience homelessness will end their homelessness on their own or with minimal financial support, but others will benefit from supportive services to augment and grow their capabilities and to advocate for their housing rights.

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Specific policy questions about the new benefit should be directed to the Housing Division at the Department of Human Services at

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