Zoom Trainings NOW OPEN

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Coming Soon:

November 4 – Homelessness 101: Client Engagement

November 5 – Homelessness 101: History of Homelessness

November 18 – Homelessness 101: Boundaries & Ethics

November 19 – Homelessness 101: Principles of Housing First & Harm Reduction

December 2 – Homelessness 101: Trauma Informed Care

December 9 – Homelessness 101: Cultural Awareness

Please let us know if there are topics you would like us to cover as we close out the year on ZOOM. This has been such a great opportunity to reach Greater MN and our goal is to incorporate ZOOM trainings as we move forward into a post-COVID environment (whenever that might be). We do plan to hold one more 101 series before the end of the year.

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