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December 17 – Motivational Interviewing Skills Practice II: Promoting Change and Complex Reflections – Click HERE for more information.

Coming Soon:

Motivational Interviewing Skills Practice III: Change Talk – January 14 

Soar Fundamentals – January 16 & 17 – St. Paul

Self-Care as Healing from Trauma & Burnout – January 23

Homelessness 101: Model 2, Day 1 – 2 Sessions: Trauma Informed Care AND Principles of Housing First & Harm Reduction – January 29

Somali 101 – February 6

Engagement, Building Trust & Promoting Change – February 11

Homelessness 101: Model 2, Day 2 – 2 Sessions: History of Homelessness AND Ending Homelessness – February 12

SOAR Fundamentals – March 27 & 28 – Bemidji

SOAR Fundamentals – April 24 & 25 – Duluth

MESH H201 Training fees are scheduled to increase in March 2019:
Current MESH Members $20  Non-Members $40
Starting March 2019 MESH Members $25   Non-Members $50

*please note that these rates are for standard H201 two-hour trainings. Special H201 trainings that exceed 2 hours may have slightly higher rates (roughly $12.50/hr for members and $25/hr for non-members).

Why the change?
This rate increase will directly coincide with increases to the compensation that our Events Coordinator and Presenters will receive for providing MESH trainings. MESH’s rates for Homeless 201 trainings (and our stipends for presenters) have not changed since 2010. In order to ensure we can continue to provide high quality, relevant training material; it is vital that we invest sufficiently in the people who lead these trainings.

What isn’t changing?
There will be no changes to our annual membership rates OR to Homeless 101 training fees. In addition, MESH continues to offer scholarships to all trainings. These scholarships are not fully utilized for many trainings—we encourage partners to explore this option if trainings fees are ever a barrier.

We will be implementing the H201 Training fee increase for all trainings scheduled March 2019 and beyond—we hope that providing 3 months advance notice can help with your budget planning. Please contact Mike Manhard ( or Michele Steinke ( with any comments, concerns or questions.