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Transitioning to Housing Stabilization Services funding for your agency means a variety of administrative changes. Your HSS TA team has created some tools that can make tracking information and making those changes, less of a burden on your agency.  Feel free to download and adapt for your agency as needed.  And if different tools or changes to these are needed, please be in touch.

Getting Started

Start here if your agency is just beginning to think about Housing Stabilization Services and if it’s right for your agency. In this phase, you will determine whether and how you want to move forward with Housing Stabilization Services and begin preparations to position your agency for success.

Provider Enrollment

For agencies that have committed to starting a Housing Stabilization Services program and have a general idea of how it will operate. This phase will help your agency ensure it has the infrastructure, staffing, systems and general capacity in place to implement Housing Stabilization Services.

Individual Eligibility

Housing Consultation

Documentation and Case Noting


Serving Clients

  • Minnesota Public Assistance Program Overview: brief descriptions and links to application forms for Housing Support, General Assistance (GA), Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP), Minnesota Supplemental Aid (MSA), food assistance (SNAP), Emergency Assistance (EA), Minnesota Health Care Programs, and Social Security/SSI.
  • Health Care Partnerships Learning Session Part 2: Covers Behavioral Health Homes, health care homes, Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics, Integrated Health Partnerships, Area Agencies on Aging, and Adult Mental Health Initiatives.

Building Staff Capacity and Staff Training

Agency Planning and Budgeting

  • CSH Services Budget Tool and Companion Guide: A tool to support agencies, communities, and project planners in estimating the total cost of care for providing quality supportive housing services that are evidence based and can achieve positive outcomes for individuals, families, communities and systems. (Worksheet Tool)
  • Simple HSS Budget Forecasting Tool: Simplified version of a budgeting tool, meant to visualize how much revenue Housing Stabilization Services could generate for your agency, as well as how much billable time each staff person will need to work in order to break even to cover the costs of their pay.
  • Service Provision Learning Session: Ideas for structuring staffing and budgeting, understanding how to incorporate Housing Stabilization Services into existing services, and review of guidelines for documenting services.
  • Housing Stabilization Services and Supportive Housing Best Practices Guide: Helps providers understand some of the issues to consider when combining HSS with other funding sources.

Policies and Procedures

Quality Assurance

For Planners

Housing Stabilization Services is an important new tool to expand supportive housing services in your community. These tools will help planners and systems leads to ensure that Housing Stabilization Services is set up in a manner that make sense for your community as a whole.

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