In January, 2021, 25 agencies across the state took part in a Medicaid Academy to help build the agencies’ knowledge and capacity to enroll, deliver and effectively bill for Housing Stabilization Services.  Throughout 8 sessions,  teams learned about provider enrollment, service descriptions, revising policies and procedures and billing MCOs for services. Below you will find recordings and materials from all eight sessions.  You will also find tools, drafts, templates that you can adapt for your agency to ease your transition to administering this service. 

Session 1 was our Orientation to the Medicaid Academy and included an introduction to the work planning process.

Session 2 covered Provider Enrollment

Session 3  covered Participant Eligibility

Session 4 covered Budgeting, Staffing and Productivity

Session 5 covered Policies and Procedures

Session 6 covered Documentation and Billing

Session 7  covered Quality Assurance

Session 8  was a report out from teams on their work plans and needs for ongoing support.

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