Resources for Homeless Seniors

Homeless Senior Resources

In 2011 the Steven’s Square Foundation provided a grant to MESH to present a series of trainings on issues affecting homeless seniors.  This webpage was compiled to share information and resources learned from this training series.  If you have a resource that should be added to this list please e-mail events(at)

More information about the Steven’s Square Foundation can be found at: Steven’s Square Foundation

General Information:
National Coalition for the Homeless Fact Sheet
CSH Ending Elder Homelessness Report
Hearth Home: Ending Elder Homelessness

Resource Databases and Hotlines
Senior Linkage Hotline
Minnesota Senior Link
Minnesota Disability Link
Minnesota Homeless Resource Link


Vulnerable Adults and Mandated Reporting
There are many complexities in situations involving whether or not an individual needs to report a potential incident of vulnerable adults.  If you have any questions about the need to report an incident of abuse, it is always best to call your County’s Vulnerable Adult Hotline.

Anoka County
Carver County
Dakota County
Hennepin County
Ramsey County
Scott County
Washington County

End of Life Care
End of Life Care can be one of the toughest, yet most important, issues facing homeless seniors.  Attached is a health care directive that can help you and your client though this difficult process.  This health care directive is a critical tool in ensuring that the last wishes of a homeless seniors are honored.   If you have any questions about the health care directive or how to implement in your organization you can contact Dawn Petroskas at dawn.petroskas(at)
SELPH Living Will

Memory Loss and Cognitive Impairments
Dr. Terry R. Barclay presented a training on working with clients with memory loss and other cognitive impairments.  Dr. Barclay has graciously agreed to share his PowerPoint from this training which includes an overview of common memory loss illnesses, resources to test clients with dementia, and communication strategies on working with people with memory loss.
Memory Loss PowerPoint

The Brain Injury Association of Minnesota also provides numerous resources for people suffering with a brain injury
Brain Injury Association of Minnesota Website

Respite Care
Respite care provides homeless people recovering from surgery or a serious illness a safe environment to heal.  Contact the following resources for respite information.
Hennepin County
In Ramsey County

SSI and SSDI Application Resources

According to the Wilder Foundation, 79% of homeless people report that they have a disability and/or mental illness.  Despite the prevalence of disability and mental illness, only 11% of homeless people are receiving SSI and/or SSDI.  The following resources are provided to help people successfully complete an SSI/SSDI application.

Main SOAR Webpage
Social Security 101 Webinar
Applying Online for Disability Webinar

Disability Planner
Disability Starter Kit
Compassionate Living Allowances

Representative Payee: Roles and Responsibility Webinar

 SSI Legal Services
Cooper and Reid
Chamberlin Edmonds
Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services (SMRLS)