Our Values

We believe that ending homelessness is possible. We believe that homelessness is largely preventable and that when people do lose their housing, an effective response system will ensure that their homelessness is brief and one-time.

We believe that structural racism is at the crux of economic disparities; therefore, all of MESH’s work includes strategies that eliminate inequity.

We believe that tackling an issue as complex as our nation’s housing and wealth inequity crises demands collaborative engagement at every level. That’s why MESH works: 

  • at the systems level with policy-makers and stakeholders;
  • at the community level with organizations implementing policies and systems;
  • at the street level with service providers managing shelters and other programs, to ensure they’re supported in providing care that helps people return to stable housing as quickly and permanently as possible.

MESH is successful when communities’ efforts work collaboratively, are adequately funded and eliminate every barrier to people maintaining their housing whenever possible or quickly navigating a path to housing stability.